RIM Shares Surge on Anticipation of BlackBerry 10

Optimism is running high for Research In Motion's (RIM) upcoming BlackBerry 10 platform, and not just within the company itself. At least one analyst thinks RIM has a shot of shipping 35.5 million BB10 devices next year, up from an earlier estimate of 31.6 million, essentially dragging the company out of a sales slump and finally giving Android and iOS some competition.

Investors are, quite literally, buying into the hype. RIM's share price on Turkey Day spiked more than 17 percent. It's now exchanging hands at 11.61 per share in after market trading. Kris Thompson, an analyst with National Bank who sparked the surging stock with his estimation of 35.5 million units shipped, bumped up RIM's target price from $12 to $15, Reuters reports.

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

RIM has a lot riding on BB10. Up to this point, the Canadian company has largely fallen from relevance and been pushed aside in favor of Android and iOS devices, both of which are selling like gangbusters. BB10 gives RIM a new beginning, and as we inch closer to its release, there's a bit of excitement in the air. The company's stock has now gone up in seven straight trading sessions.

"The new management team is executing by maintaining the BlackBerry subscriber base, managing costs and cash, and seemingly readying a February 2013 BB10 global platform launch," Thompson said.

RIM shares traded at an all-time high of $148 in 2008.