RIM Cuts BlackBerry World App Pricing Before BlackBerry 10 Launch

In advance of its BlackBerry 10 launch, Research in Motion has made some much-needed changes to how its store handles pricing. It's still not ideal, but those using British £ or Euro € currency stand to see fairer prices. Currently, the lowest price someone in the UK can see is £1; after the change, that will become £0.75. On the Euro side, the new lowest will be €0.89, from €0.99. It's mentioned that those interested in changing their currency of choice are free to, although it will take up to 24 hours for the updated pricing to be reflected through the store.

This leads me to an area where I think price-handling could be improved. It seems a little foolish that it could take up to an entire day for an app store to reflect updated pricing, when lots of other companies are able to make the change immediately. In addition, it seems that updated currency exchanges are only applied on occasion, rather than on-the-fly. Wouldn't it be nice to go into an app in the store and have it do the conversion immediately? I wouldn't think that's too much to ask

Regardless, these changes do work out for the better for British and Euro customers, so this is without question a good improvement. Next up? The big unveiling of BlackBerry 10 to be held by RIM in New York City on January 30th. At this time, updated developer builds will be handed out, along with (hopefully) a release date of the OS and first devices for public consumption.