RIM Announces BlackBerry App Generator, Available Now

RIM has some major moving to do if it hopes to rekindle some of that fire it once had. The smartphone world is very different now, and people expect much more. BlackBerry OS largely has not kept up with other smartphone operating systems, and the world is watching BlackBerry World this week in Orlando to see what RIM ushers in next. One of the unique steps in this comeback story is a new BlackBerry App Generator.

Mippin made the announcement, with its app creation platform being at the foundation of the Generator. It's being described as an easy-to-use app builder, allowing online content owners to build fully branded apps for BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook tablets. In the last 18 months more than 50,000 apps have been built using Mippin's app-creation platform, so it's clearly a trusted one. With today's announcement, online publishers can now take their content and build it into an app for BlackBerry smartphones and the BlackBerry PlayBook in less than 10 minutes, without having to pay any registration or submission fees. Apps can be integrated with the famed BBM as well, and publishers will also be able to generate revenue from apps built using the BlackBerry App Generator through in-app advertising using the BlackBerry Advertising Service.

Best of all? RIM's not making users wait. The Generator is available today at blackberryappgenerator.com, and apps can be built for phones running BB OS 5+ and the PlayBook. Not surprisingly, support for BB 10 will be added "shortly." Let's jut hope, for RIM's sake, that BB 10 phones hit the market sooner rather than later (and that they strike the world as mighty impressive).
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