Ricoh Brings HDR to Cameras

High dynamic range enables impressive graphics while gaming. It can also create incredible photographs from your still images. Traditionally, photographers would take multiple images at varying exposures and then use a program to merge them together using HDR. While photographers have used this set of techniques for years to produce eye-catching images, the feature hasn’t been available in-camera until now.

Ricoh announced the CX1, a new digital camera with a dynamic range double shot mode. This mode takes two images in succession with different exposures and then combines them automatically to present the best of both images. Dynamic range double shot mode expands the camera’s dynamic range up to a maximum equivalent of 12 EV, and delivers images that give an almost naked-eye impression.

The CX1 features a 9 megapixel CMOS sensor along with a 7.1x optical wide-angle zoom lens (28-200mm equivalent) and a 3-inch, 920,000-dot VGA LCD. This camera can also capture 120 frames per second at VGA resolution. With its new Smooth Imaging Engine IV processing system and a new high-speed CMOS sensor, the CX1 delivers greater image quality with expanded dynamic range.

Other innovative features found on the CX1 include a multi-pattern auto white balance and multi-target AF. The multi-pattern auto white balance feature sets the camera’s white balance based on the light sources of segregated areas of the image. Multi-target AF can shoot seven consecutive images at seven pre-defined focal distances. After shooting, you can select the image with the preferred focus. The consecutively shot images are recorded as a single file.

The UK release of this camera is expected in mid-March for about $430. There’s no word yet on a U.S. release, but we’re hoping it will come stateside around the same time. 

 Ricoh CX1