Revo Technologies's K2 Radio Tower Could Easily Be A Desktop

There have been quite a few awesome designs in the world of radios lately, but this new design from Revo Technologies takes the cake.

The K2 is a beautiful tower made of aluminium and rubber, capable of delivering reception of a wide variety of radio formats including DAB, DAB+, FM and internet radio. K2 also offers full audio and video playback from iPod, iPhone and iPad, access to online music service and the ability to wirelessly stream music files from any connected PC or Mac.

K2's proprietary audio hardware effortlessly produces 40 watts of room-filling high-fidelity digital audio, courtesy of a quartet of neodymium Balanced Mode Radiator speaker drivers and dual Class-D amplifiers. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) optimises drive unit control, enabling K2 to exhibit the performance characteristics of a significantly larger device. The result is near 360 degree dispersion, providing a massively expanded listening sweet-spot, detailed high-end clarity, rich tones and deep bass. K2's hardware specification includes a large graphical secret-until-lit OLED display, discreet motorized dock for Apple devices, and an array of connection options including stereo RCA and digital optical out, Apple video out, and 3.5mm headphone jack.

In addition to its terrestrial and internet radio capabilities, K2 will also provide access to online music service Simply choose an artist or genre and let build the perfect playlist from its library of 5 million tracks – unique to the user, and fresh every time. K2 includes a free 31 day trial subscription, thereafter a £3.00 per month subscription charge applies.

The K2 will ship this October for £299.95.
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