Retina Display Yield Issues Could Delay Apple's MacBook Pro Haswell Refresh

Apple is no stranger to product delays, in part because the company's gadgets are typically in huge demand. Some things are simply out of Apple's control, however, such as reported yield issues with Retina-class displays for its upcoming MacBook Pro refresh featuring Intel's 4th Generation Core processor (Haswell) line.

The bad news is the yield issue could lead to a delay. And the good? You won't have to wait very long -- rather than launch in September, as has been previously reported, the new MacBook Pro models are now expected to debut in October. There will be no change in price compared to the previous models, IBTimes reports.

MacBook Pro

According to various reports around the web, the new Haswell-based MacBook Pro models will see a slight bump in speed, but the real benefit will be battery life. The refreshed models are said to feature "all-day battery life" of up to 12 hours for the 13-inch SKU and up to 9 hours for the 11-inch model. The Haswell chips also support 4K displays.