Retailers Leak Windows 7 Family Pack

To be honest, we expect Microsoft to announce some sort of Family Pack for Windows 7, much as they did for Windows Vista. To this point, there's been no official announcement, but as retailers prep their sites for the October launch of WIndows 7, they have made a few mistakes. on Friday listed something called "W7 Family Pack - Home Prem Upg" on its site for $138.99. According to the site, that's an $11 discount from the $149.99 MSRP. The software will reportedly let users upgrade as many as three PCs in a single household to Windows 7 Home Premium.

Other sites reportedly had the same item selling for around the same price, and all had the same part number (GFC-00236) and UPC code (882224898249) listed. That tends to lend credence to this being the real deal rather than some error.

Now here's something annoying: from now until July 11th, U.S. buyers get special pricing: $49.99 for a Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade and $99.99 for a Windows 7 Professional upgrade.

Not such a great deal for Home Premium after all when you can get a Family Pack for the same price, right? Naturally that only affect those with multiple PCs, but I expect many HH readers to fall into that category. Now the question arises: when will Microsoft announce the Family Pack? July 12th?