Research In Motion Stock Reaps Benefits from Apple, Samsung Verdict

While Samsung reels from a billion dollar damages award levied against the company, Research In Motion (RIM) is seeing its share price rise in the stock market today. RIM shares jumped by more than 4 percent in early morning trading on Monday, and while things have settled in the afternoon, RIM's stock is still up around 2 percent at $7.07 per share.

The boost in RIM's stock price is a knee jerk reaction to Apple's legal victory against Samsung, in which a jury found the latter guilty of patent infringement for copying the look and feel of iPhone and iPad devices. After tallying up the penalties, Samsung left the courtroom holding a bill for more than a billion dollars, payable to Apple. The verdict could have a bigger impact on the mobile industry as a whole, however, if Apple chooses to go after other Android partners with similar claims.

RIM BlackBerry Torch
RIM's BlackBerry platform suddenly looks more attractive to investors after Samsung, a key Android partner, lost a high profile lawsuit to Apple.

Apple is obviously the biggest winner in all of this, but with questions now surrounding the Android platform, companies like RIM and Microsoft can sit back and reap the temporary awards. The timing couldn't be any better for RIM, which faces its own set of questions regarding the company's future and ability to compete in the mobile space.