Reputable Casemaker Advertises iPhone nano Cases

It's one thing when a relatively unknown case maker like XSKN advertises an iPhone nano case. It's something completely different when a well-known case maker does. Vaja has added an iPhone nano link on their site, leading to still more speculation over a possible Macworld iPhone nano announcement.

Vaja is a relatively well-known maker of cases for anything from notebooks to PDAs. The link above simply takes you to a form where you can sign up for an email alert about the future iPhone nano cases coming from Vaja.

To be honest, simply shrinking down the iPhone to a smaller phone factor doesn't really make any sense. But these multiple leaks from different places, as well as this particular one from a reputable manufacturer, makes one wonder.

What do you readers think? Is Apple working on an iPhone nano, which is simply a downsized iPhone? And would you buy one, if the only difference was size?
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