Republic Wireless Sweetens $19-Per-Month Unlimited Everything Wireless Deal With Deep Handset Discounts

Republic Wireless offers an unlimited talk, text, and data wireless plan for $19 per month that we found to be an exceptional value, and now the company is sweetening the deal further by offering steep discounts on its Motorola Defy XT handset.

Previously, the catch with the amazing monthly pricing was that you had to buy the phone outright for $249--and you only had one option, the Defy XT. Eventually, Republic Wireless sought to mitigate that up-front sticker shock a bit by offering a $29 monthly plan wherein the phone only cost $99.

Motorola Defy XT

Now, you can get the $19 per month plan and pay just $199 for the Defy XT, or roll with the $29 per month plan and pay $79 for the phone. Even better, if you buy a second line, you get an additional $50 off. That means the one of the handsets would be further reduced to $149 or $29, respectively.

The Motorola Defy XT is a solid little Android phone and is well worth the money, but because Republic Wireless has told us previously that there are plans in the works for introducing both a higher-end device and a lower-end device, it’s possible that this sale is an effort to clear out some inventory before the new handsets launch.