Xbox One Users Report ‘Oily Liquid’ Leaking From Console Vents

Trucks, tractors, and airplanes are all examples of things that can leak oil. There are dozens of other things we can think of, but up until today, game consoles wouldn't have made the list. Be that as it may, there are limited reports of some Xbox One consoles leaking an oily white liquid leaving behind stains described as being "milk-like" after milk dries up.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, there isn't any evidence to suggest this is a widespread epidemic of any sort. So far we know of exactly two reports, both of which appear on Microsoft's Xbox forums. One of the two users uploaded pics of the milky white residue that was left behind after the liquid dried up.

Xbox One Residue

"My Xbox One is leaking out some kind of oil out of the vent, and there are these white milk-like stains in the center of the vents. And by milk-like, I mean if you leave a glass without rinsing it off after you drank milk and it drys on," Xbox forum user 'CynicalAnarchy' explains.

The user said the stains aren't causing any problems in terms of functionality. Another user on the same forum said he too saw the residue appear on his Xbox One Day One edition console, but that it eventually "just kind of dried up and went on its way."

CynicalAnarchy claims he contacted Microsoft about the issue but hasn't posted any details about that conversation. Some have questioned whether or not his claims are real or fabricated, pointing out that the liquid stains appear on top of the console, which might suggest something was spilled. Others contend that liquid could have been blown out through the top vents from the exhaust fans.

Either way, we'll keep our eye on this one to see what develops.