Report: Wii U Will Have a (Real) App Store

When the Wii U finally launches sometime in 2012, it won’t just be a tablet-and-console that buyers will get; according to a report from The Daily, Nintendo is working on an app store, as well.

Instead of the Wii Shop and DSi shop, which offer users a convenient way to acquire games and a handful of tools, the new app store will offer much more. Some apps will run on the console, and some will operate just on the touchscreen controller.

Such an app store only makes sense, as it could both give the touchscreen controller more tablet-like functionality (especially for youngsters who don’t need a full-fledged tablet) and also make the console act as a lightweight computer using the TV screen as a monitor.

It’s reasonable to assume that one could play games, browse the Internet, stream movies, read the news, and more very easily with the Wii U, provided the experience of getting online with the device is a quick and easy experience (which isn’t a strength of the original Wii) and the controller is as easy to use and useful as it appears it will be.