LG Making Thinner, Larger Displays Destined for the iPhone 5, 30% Larger at 4 Inches

On September 12, when Apple will (in all likelihood) unveil the iPhone 5 and other must-have iGoodies, the device’s screen maybe thinner than ever while offering a larger display.

According to a Reuters report, LG announced that has begun mass production of a thinner display, which is generally believed to be destined for the upcoming iPhone 5 (or whatever it will be called). LG has finally perfected in-cell panel technology, which essentially removes the need for a second touchscreen layer in the display panel. 

iPhone 4s
iPhone 4s, soon to be replaced by a new model

Sources further indicated that the new screen will be four inches, which is significantly larger than the current iPhone 4s and no doubt has made many an iPhone user to secretly pine for the larger displays of HTC and Samsung Android-based handsets. Reportedly, it's a 4-inch display, roughly 30% larger than the current model.

LG likely isn’t the only company making displays for the new alleged iPhone 5; Sharp and Toshiba are also likely contributing.