Report: Apple's Media-Related Event Scheduled For Late January

Oh, Apple. We're not even three full days into the new year, and already the company's looking to make a statement. In a bid to keep their status alive in 2012, the company is reportedly planning a New York City-based event in late January, just weeks after CES ends and a few weeks before Mobile World Congress begins. Unfortunately, for the dreams, there's no iPad 3 or Apple TV news on the docket. So, what's it about? Well, that's where it gets foggy.

All Things D is reporting that the event will focus on media, and Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue will be on hand. The last time he came to NYC for an event, The Daily was launched in a News Corp. keynote. Eddy's in charge of a lot of important stuff; things like iCloud, the App Store and iBookstore. Apple's new data center in NC is probably partly under-utilized, and now that the company has had time to work out the iCloud kinks, it's quite possible that they're ready to take on the likes of Rdio and Spotify in a major way.

We've only got a few weeks to find out, and usually Apple doesn't throw an event without something important to say.