Report: Apple Close to Landing Deal with Time Warner Cable for Apple TV

Speaking of competition on the streaming entertainment front, Apple is close to securing a deal with Time Warner Cable that would bring the latter’s channels to the Apple TV, reports Bloomberg.

This jibes with rumors from nearly a year ago that Apple was capitulating to pay-TV providers by looking at deals to offer their content through Apple TV rather than trying to build a robust portfolio of content from other sources to compete against them.

Apple TV, maybe soon with Time Warner Cable channels
Apple TV

The report also stated that Apple was snagging Pete Distad, formerly of Hulu, ostensibly to help negotiate more content provider deals such as this one.

Of course, Apple TV users will have to pay for Time Warner service (at least to some extent) to actually get the channels, but it’s still nice to be able to navigate all of your viewing choices from one source.

The Time Warner Cable close follows closely behind the addition of HBO GO and WatchESPN, both of which are now available for viewing through Apple TV.