Re-Mission 2 Video Games Designed To Help Kids Battling Cancer

Slogging through years of difficult treatments, it’s easy for a cancer patient to lose hope, or even the motivation to keep up with the complicated medicine schedule. It’s hard to have a sense of control when the next lab test holds important answers to your future. To help kids battling cancer maintain perspective and a sense of control over their destinies, HopeLab released Re-Mission 2, a video game suite that depicts the battles raging in their bodies.

Re-Mission 2 Online Mini Games
Your child can choose from several mini-games to match his or her circumstances.

Re-Mission 2, which is available free online, features games in which kids can fight their diseases with the treatments that are used in real life. Children who may have had a hard time understanding their disease now have a “face” to put with the name, and can learn the importance of using medicine to fight the disease. Children facing chemotherapy can see why the treatment is worth the suffering they’ll endure.

HopeLab bases its games on research and input from young cancer patients, who have been able to influence the tone of the games. After all, the games are meant to provide a sense of control and hope, and to generally improve children’s emotions relating to their treatments. Who better to do that than patients who have reached remission?