Relax, Roku Ads Will Follow Straight-Forward Relevancy Approach Based On Viewing Habits

Advertising on the popular Roku set top box is about to get a big boost, thanks to a partnership between Roku and Innovid. Your Roku has a front-row seat to your viewing habits, so it’s not unexpected that the company has been looking for a way to turn that information into targeted advertising.

Some outlets are reporting that Roku will sniff your Wi-Fi network for devices and base ads on the info collected from those devices, but that’s simply not true. Roku has refuted the claims and asked that the erroneous information be removed.

Roku 3

Innovid has already worked with Facebook and other companies to create interactive and personalized advertising. The new ads are meant to improve viewer engagement while giving advertisers better information about viewers. That’s reasonable: you

CBS is among the first apps for the Roku to integrate the new advertising model, along with Crackle and VEVO. The apps already run ads, but they aren’t targeted or interactive as they will soon be with Innovid’s help.

The new advertising program follows hardware and feature updates to Roku’s top two set top boxes in April. Roku is facing increasing competition from Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV set tops.
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