Refurbished 4th Generation iPad and iPad Mini See Price Drops

You can always tell when Apple is getting ready to refresh a product line. For one, there are all the rumors, speculation, and leaked information that precede events like Apple's upcoming World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), which will take place this year on June 10. But even more telling is when the Cupertino company lowers prices on refurbished units ahead of a major event.

Such is the case with the 4th generation iPad and iPad mini lines. If you poke your head into Apple's bin of refurbished products, you'll find the 9.7-inch slate starting at $419 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. The 32GB Wi-Fi iPad is going for $499 and the 64GB Wi-Fi is selling for $439, a 17 percent discount versus a 16 percent savings on the two lower capacity models.


If you're more interested in the Wi-Fi + Cellular SKUs, the 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB models are priced at $529, $609, and $689, respectively, all representative of a 16 percent savings.

As for the iPad mini, refurbished prices are as follows:
  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi: $279 (15 percent off)
  • iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi: $359 (16 percent off)
  • iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi: $439 (17 percent off)
  • iPad mini 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $349 (34 percent off)
  • iPad mini 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $389 (15 percent off)
  • iPad mini 64GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: $439 (17 percent off)

The neat thing about Apple's refurbished iPads is that they all include a brand new battery and outer shell, and are backed by the same 1-year warranty as if buying new.