Reddit To Give Away 10 Percent of 2014 Ad Revenue To Charities Chosen By The Community

Props go out to Reddit, the popular social news and entertainment website comprised of user-submitted content, for deciding to donate 10 percent of its advertising revenue in 2014 to charity. In keeping with the spirit of the community, Reddit's users will be the ones who determine which 10 non-profits receive a slice of the pie.

"Whether it's a large ad campaign or a $5 sponsored headline on Reddit, we intend for all ad revenue this year to benefit not only Reddit as a platform but also to support the goals and causes of the entire community," Reddit stated in a blog post.


Reddit users will be able to nominate non-profits at the end of the year, after which the site will hold an election. Funds will go out proportionately based on percentage of votes among the top 10 charities. To prevent against "shenanigans" or gaming the system, Reddit said it reserves the right to control the entire process and intervene.

"Lobbying and campaigning for one non-profit or another is fine (e.g. explaining why one is better than the other) but trying to cheat with votes will not be allowed," Reddit said.

This isn't the first time the Reddit community has stepped up to the plate with efforts towards helping humanity. In 2012, Reddit users donated $80,000 to an orphanage in Kenya after a man trying to defend kids suffered injuries from a machete. A Penn State student posted the story on Reddit and asked if the community could raise $2,000 needed for the remainder of the cement and barbed wire wall needed to keep both him and the children safe.