Redbox Instant Coming To Xbox 360 Console, PS3 And Wii U Left Out

In the world of exploding markets, video streaming is high atop the list. Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft -- pretty much every major consumer electronics name is wrapped up in video streaming in some way. And now, even a name that's linked tightly to nightly DVD rentals is venturing into the virtual world after finding success in the physical market. Redbox Instant has been talked about for some time now, but one major point remained unanswered: where would it arrive in terms of the console landscape? This week, Microsoft's own Major Nelson announced that Redbox Instant by Verizon will be coming to the Xbox 360 "in the very near future." And that's the good news.

The bad news, unfortunately, is that the entire service will be an Xbox exclusive, so PS3 and Wii / Wii U owners won't be enjoying the spoils. If you are currently a Redbox Instant beta participant, you’ll receive an email with a unique code to access the app on Xbox 360 in the coming days. Interested newcomers to the Redbox Instant beta can request entry into the beta by visiting A Redbox Instant by Verizon subscription package, priced at $8 per month for DVD or $9 per month for Blu-ray, combines four one-night credits for the latest movie releases at Redbox kiosks with access to a library of popular movies available for unlimited streaming. Through the app, Xbox 360 movie fans can also purchase and rent the newest digital releases without needing a subscription.

To clarify, the "exclusive" is only in terms of gaming consoles.

Somehow, Microsoft's aging console continues to bust out new hits, maintaining a great deal of steam despite being quite old in its lifecycle. Any owners of those other consoles feeling a little sting?