Redbox Instant and TuneIn Radio Arrives To Expand PS3's Streaming Options

Sony's PlayStation 4 is so close that most gamers can almost taste it, but if the PS2's lifecycle is any indication of how the PS3 will be treated even after it's not the top dog, we're guessing it'll be around for a very long while. The PlayStation 3 is no slouch, even today, and it's one incredible media machine. Besides gaming, the PS3 has always marketed itself as a "do everything" set-top box, and a couple of new applications are being ported over to further prove that it's not kidding about that stance.

TuneIn Radio has quickly become a go-to radio app for mobile users, and now it's coming to the PS3 and PS Vita. You'll get access to over 70,000 radio stations, live music, sports, talk radio, etc.

For those who'd rather enjoy a bit more than just audio, Redbox Instant by Verizon is also available for download today on the console. The service is going up against rivals such as Netflix and Amazon, offering up access to thousands of streaming titles for $8/month. You also have the option to purchase or rent new digital releases on-demand, without needing a subscription, making it a one-stop shop for you to find what you want to watch at any given time.

If you aren't quite ready to pre-order a PS4, at least your PS3 is still receiving a healthy dose of updates, right?