Red Alert! EA And Petroglyph To Remaster Command And Conquer In Crispy 4K

Command and conquer remastered

EA announced that it will partner with Petroglyph Games to remaster Command And Conquer, which is one of the oldest games in the RTS genre. The original Command And Conquer first launched in 1995 and quickly became a success, spawning a whole series of games. It also lead to the creation of the Red Alert series, which has a similar gameplay experience, but it is set in an alternate universe.

Due to Command And Conquer's success, EA purchased the game's developer, Westwood Studios, in 1998. Westwood Studios continued to produce new entries in the Command And Conquer series until 2003, when EA closed it down and moved development of future Command And Conquer to a number of other developers.

red alert team
The Petroglyph Games Development Team

After EA closed down Westwood Studios, many of its former members joined together to form Petroglyph Games. The good news is that there is a project in the works now to remaster the Command And Conquer series in high resolution, 4K capable graphics. EA's decision to partner with Petroglyph Games shows that the company clearly wants to remaster these games properly. One of Command And Conquer's co-creators, Joe Bostic, will be returning to work on the remastered version of the game. Also returning are Steve Tall, formerly a lead programmer on the Red Alert series, and Mike Legg, who helped develop audio systems for the series. Petroglyph Games also reached out to Frank Klepacki, an independent composer that created music for several titles in the Command And Conquer series, who has also agreed to join up with Petroglyph Games to work on remastering the games.

Command And Conquer

In addition to remastering the original Command And Conquer, EA plans to remaster Command & Conquer: Red Alert and the Covert Ops, Counterstrike, and Aftermath expansion packs.The expansions will be bundled with the remastered games and you won't need to purchase them separately. While Petroglyph works on programming the games, the company has contracted out to Lemon Sky Studios to remaster the original graphics in 4K.

Unfortunately development hasn't started yet though, so we are unlikely to these remastered games come to market in the near term, though it should be more than worth the wait.