RD600 to Have 3 PCIe 16X Slots

The Inquirer writes that ATi's upcoming Conroe chipset, codenamed RD600, will have no less than 3 PCIe 16X slots; 2 for CrossFire, 1 for Physics Acceleration. The RD600, tentatively named ATi Xpress 3200 Intel Edition, is obviously aimed at enthusiasts and is expected to debut later this year. It will sport a 1333Mhz front side bus, Dual Channel DDR2-1066 and automatic PCIe overclocking when certain ATi cards are detected. The word at the rumor mill is that it will be quite the overclocker too, thanks in part to a memory clock that is independent from the front side bus.

"The RD600 chipset will support Conroe, Intel Core 2 Duo CPUs and it is expected in the next few months - probably before the beginning of Q4 2006. It is an Intel-only chipset and there are no signs of an equivalent PCIe 16x3 chipset for AMD. ATI wants to focus on Intel and wants to be early on the Conroe bandwagon so it can make some extra money."


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