RCA Airnergy Converts Wi-Fi Signals To Energy On The Cheap

Imagine this: any portable device with a Wi-Fi module won't ever have to be plugged into a wall, ever again. We know you think we're crazy, but RCA has a technology that could one day (soon) prove that scenario correct. Shown for the first time this month in prototype form, the Airnergy is a hotspot power harvester that can convert Wi-Fi signals that are just floating by into DC power for charging. In other words, a smartphone with a Wi-Wi-Fi module could essentially convert passing signals into energy to charge its own battery if equipped with this RCA magic.

Currently, the product is a standalone device that measures around 2"x3", and it's expected to go on sale this summer for below $50. A smaller version is obviously in the works, and having it embedded into other items is a definite possibility. Unfortunately, actual details about how the product works are being kept under wraps (understandable), but the gist here is remarkable. We are even hearing that the product doesn't need to be synced/connected with a Wi-Fi network; so long as signals are around, it can convert them to energy.

Now, if only this technology could be advanced to the point where charging a notebook were possible by just catching nearby waves, we're guessing the entire computing world could be turned on its head.