Razer Introduces Refreshed Blade Pro Gaming Laptop With GeForce GTX 1060 And Major Price Cut

Razer Blade Pro 2

If you've been considering picking up one of Razer's beautiful Blade Pro notebooks, you're going to be happy that you've waited until just this moment, as the company has released a new Blade Pro notebook, and lowered its starting price at the same time.

With the new Blade Pro, users can now dive in at the $2,299.99 price point with a laptop that includes NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 1060, a 120Hz IPS 1080p panel, and Intel's Core i7-7700HQ. The laptop also includes a 256GB SSD, as well as a 2TB hard drive. Also included is 16GB of DDR4-2400MHz memory.

Razer Blade Pro 1

Razer is letting users upgrade certain components at checkout, including the SSD (up to 2TB), HDD (up to 4TB), and memory (up to 32GB). To upgrade the GPU, you'd have to opt for the bigger 4K model, which bundles a GeForce GTX 1080, and is only available as a $3,999 configuration as of the time of writing.

Complementing its updated Blade Pro, Razer has also announced a backpack, called Rogue 17.3". As its name suggests, this stuff-carrier supports notebooks up to 17.3" in size, or at least Razer's notebooks at 17.3" in size (you may want to double-check about other models, as Razer's Blade Pro is much thinner than most other notebooks of this size).

Razer Rogue Backpack

The nice thing about this backpack is that Razer has thought hard about its design, and what everyone needs - not only gamers. There are compartments in here for you to tote a water bottle, as well as virtually anything else you need to bring with you from day-to-day. If you purchase one of the GTX 1060-equipped notebooks (out of stock, as of time of writing), you'll receive one of these bags for free, a $149.99 value. Otherwise, that's the price tag you'll have to endure if you need (or want) one for your preexisting Blade Pro or similarly-sized notebook.