Razer Sharpens 17-inch Blade Pro Notebook With GeForce GTX 1080 And Mechanical Keyboard

Razer Blade Pro 02

After teasing the world with hints that something big was coming, Razer today took the veil off its latest Blade Pro notebook. What's so special about it? Well, Razer promises that it will feel like a "desktop in your laptop", something that goes beyond simple performance metrics.

The new Razer Blade Pro is in fact a powerhouse, sporting NVIDIA's top-end GPU under its hood: GeForce GTX 1080. That will allow this laptop to handle today's hottest games at up to 1440p with great detail and framerates, and 4K with good detail and framerates. That's some serious performance for a mere notebook, especially considering the fact that it's much faster than what most enthusiast gamers even have in their full-blown desktops. This bodacious laptop also serves up a 4K G-SYNC-enabled screen, which should be a treat for your eyes. Oh, and this beaut can also support up to a 2TB M.2 SSD under-the-hood. 

Other important specs include the use of Killer networking (both wired and wireless), Intel's Core i7-6700HQ quad-core processor, 32GB of DDR4-2133 memory, Thunderbolt 3.0, USB 3.0 (x3), HDMI 2.0 video out, and a touchscreen interface.

While not a world's first, one thing that sets the Razer Blade Pro apart from the rest is that it has a built-in mechanical keyboard. Unlike some previous designs we've seen, the keyboard in this notebook looks completely natural, despite its use of mechanical switches. That's thanks to the use of "ultra-low-profile" switches, sporting an actuation force of 65g (similar to CHERRY MX Black).

Razer Blade Pro 01

To keep this notebook looking streamlined with its mechanical plank, Razer embedded the touchpad not to the bottom of the keyboard, but rather to the right side. This means that this 17-inch notebook doesn't have a numpad, so if you want this notebook and happen to need one of those, you'll need to go the external route.

Razer Blade Pro Desktop in a Laptop

Of course, being a Razer product, the keyboard is fully decked-out in RGB LEDs. Through the use of the company's Chroma software, you're able to configure these LEDs any way you see fit: you can either have all of the keys the same color, or specify different colors for each key to help you improve the speed of your actions in a game.

Despite its sleek design, Razer says that its Blade Pro will keep heat under control with a cutting-edge thermal design. Even the included 250W external power brick is sleek, so as to not detract from the aesthetics of the rest of the notebook.

So what does a desktop in a laptop cost? At least $3,699 USD, in this notebook's case. The Razer Blade Pro is expected to launch next month in both US and Europe. You can hit up the link below to sign up to be notified if you're interested in snapping one up.