Razer Says It's Busting Its Rump to Atone for Tiamat Headset Delay

Every English student knows that even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry, a fact of life even Razer has to contend with. To wit, the gaming peripheral maker had previously promised to have its Tiamat headphones available for purchase by around the end of January 2012, but here we are on the last day of the month and the headset is nowhere in sight. So what gives? Razer addressed the need for a second delay in an open later to its fans.
Dear Community,

In December we said, 'the Razer Tiamat will be available around the end of January 2012.' Well, the end of January has arrived and the cold, hard truth is that it is not ready, and our estimations were off.

This is the last thing we want to tell you, especially since so many of you have been patiently waiting. Understandably you are bummed, and so are we. We feel our relentless pursuit of quality, and our refusal to ship a 'good enough' product will pay off when you plug in your pair and hear them for the first time. We do not take delays lightly, and you can bet your ass we are busting ours to make this product perfect.

So when is it coming? We will ship this product in February, just as soon as it rolls out of the factory. The moment it comes to our RazerStore warehouses we will flick the switch and give you the 'Add to cart button.' So check back on www.razerzone.com/tiamat. We promise it’ll be there soon.

To show our appreciation for your incredible loyalty and patience, we’ll provide you with a coupon code for a FREE Razer T-shirt and Razer flask – worth about US$40 – when the Razer Tiamat is available, AND – we’ll ship it to you for free*. Just add your name to the Notify Me list and we will get you that code.

Once again, we want to apologize for disappointing our fans and customers, and we thank you for your time, understanding, and continued support.

Team Razer

*Terms and conditions apply.

Razer's been on a bit of rough patch lately in terms of shipping out product on time. In December 2011, Razer announced a last minute storage upgrade to its Blade laptop, swapping out the 320GB hard drive in favor of a 256GB solid state drive, causing the company to delay the release by a month. Razer gave Blade buyers a free Orochi Blade Edition mouse for their trouble, and in this case, the company's offering a free t-shirt and flask to make up for the delay, provided you mash the Notify Me button.

There are going to be two versions of the Tiamat, the $100 Tiamat 2.2 with four drivers (two of them are subwoofers), and the $180 Tiamat 7.1, which Razer claims is the world's first true 7.1 surround sound headset. You can find more information about both of these here.