Razer Debuts Tomahawk Elite PC Gaming Case And HyperSense Haptic Feedback System

Razer has announced a new PC chassis that is part of the Designed by Razer Case Program and is made by Lian Li called the Lian Li 011 Dynamic. Razer has also unveiled two new in-house designed mid-tower PC cases called the Tomahawk and the Tomahawk Elite (pictured). The 011 Dynamic Designed by Razer is the first PC chassis to feature Chroma lighting that is controllable via Razer Synapse 3. It is a mid-tower chassis with the Razer triple-headed snake logo on the front glass. The Lian Li chassis will be available in Q1 2019 for $169.99.

razer tomohawk light

The Tomahawk is the first PC gaming chassis that Razer developed in house and has a square, minimalist design with a small footprint. The chassis fits ATX mainboards and has all the same features that a standard PC chassis of its size would offer. It also has Razer Chroma lighting supporting 16.8 million colors.

razer tomohawk open

The Tomahawk Elite is an advanced PC gaming chassis that is made to accommodate high-end components featuring tempered glass panels on the sides and top and a matte black aluminum front panel. It features reverse mount placement of ATX mainboards for optimal GPU placement and a hydraulic-powered top that opens itself when more ventilation is needed. The chassis was designed to support liquid cooling. The Tomahawk gaming cases will launch between Q2 an Q3 with pricing announced at a later date.

razer hypersense

Razer has also announced Razer HyperSense, an ecosystem of interconnected haptic-powered gaming devices. Razer says that the HyperSense line is meant to deliver gamers a "cohesive and high-fidelity haptics experience for superior gaming immersion." Razer says with HyperSense gamers will be able to feel what they see and hear. HyperSense will provide 360-degree tactile feedback and immersion that allows gamers to feel explosions on their body from the direction they happen.

HyperSense will support more powerful immersive experience using game developer integrations that tie to specific game events, audio queues, and game mechanics to reproduce a wider variety of vibrations than haptic devices of today. The first products to use HyperSense will be the Razer Nari Ultimate wireless gaming headset and a mouse and wrist rest with haptics from Lofelt along with a chair by SUBPAC; it's unclear when those products will launch.

Earlier this week, Razer also launched a 27-inch Raptor gaming monitor at CES.