Razer Panthera Evo Arcade Controller Rocks Mechanical Switches

Razer has unveiled a new gaming controller that is aimed at gamers who like fighting games or any other game that plays best with an arcade stick on the PS4. The Panthera Evo is an evolution of the existing Panthera arcade stick, and brings an improved focus on precision, durability, and individuality. Panthera Evo has Razer Mechanical Switches, an improved case design, and a headphone jack.

razer panthera evo fron

Those switches should give the buttons better tactile feel and actuation to make your gameplay better when fractions of a second count. There are buttons on the side of the controller as well. Razer fits the Panthera Evo with an 8-button Vewlix layout and Sanwa lever. The headphone jack is compatible with a PS4 headset for the console gamers out there wanting voice support. The artwork seen in the images is the default, but Razer notes that gamers can change the artwork to suit their individual style and needs. The controller gets the Evo name from the debut it made at Evo 2018, which is hailed as the world's largest fighting game event.

razer panthera evo s

The controller isn't wireless, but has a long 9.8-foot cable for connecting to your PS4 from across the room. The new headphone jack means you can talk trash to your online opponents as you beat them down in your favorite fighting game. The Panthera Evo will launch this fall and will sell for the same $199.99 price as the existing Panthera controller.