Razer Launches Battlefield 3 Themed BlackShark 2.0 Gaming Headset for PC

PC gamers are sometimes a forgotten and overlooked class of gamers, shoved aside by peripheral manufacturers in favor of a growing legion of our console brethren. But fear not if you prefer the PC platform, Razer has your back, especially if you live and breathe Battlefield 3. Launched today is Razer's new Battlefield 3 BlackShark 2.0 Gaming Headset for PC.

"The Razer BlackShark is a PC gaming headset with crisp audio and booming bass that is built for a highly intense shooter likeBattlefield 3," said Robert ‘RazerGuy’ Krakoff, president of Razer USA. "It lets you hear the gunfire, the explosions and the thunderous roar of the jets, as if you were in the heat of the battle. Designed based on headsets sported by real attack helicopter pilots, no serious soldiers on the frontlines of Battlefield 3 should be without their Razer BlackShark."

Razer's latest headset is powered by a pair of drivers consisting of 40mm neodymium magnets with copper-clad aluminum voice coils. Notable features include a detachable boom mic, stereo sound, a circumaural ear cup design that isolates sound, and a long 4.3-foot rubber sheathed cable.

The Battlefield 3 BlackShark 2.0 will ship in July for $130 MSRP.