Razer Is Developing An RGB-Infused Toaster, We're Not Kidding

razer toaster
When you hear the name Razer, the first thing that usually pops into mind are the company's gaming laptops or maybe its PC peripherals. Further down on that list might be the company's relatively new ventures like the Razer Phone. But kitchen appliances? That's definitely not something that would even come close to entering our minds, but Razer is doing just that with active development of a... toaster.

Sure, the idea of a Razer Toaster goes all the way back to 2013, but it was more of a prank request by a fan of the company. Razer even got in on the "joke" with an April Fool's Day prank video back in 2016 (you can see the embed further down in the article). Since that time, fans obsessed with the idea of a Razer Toaster have even gone so far as to get tattoos of the device on their bodies... really.

razer toaster 2

Well, enough is enough, and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has caved into pressure and has announced that the company will indeed bring a toaster to market. Tan made the declaration in a Facebook post, writing, "Well....what can I say. I'm going to put together my team of designers and engineers. It will take a few years - but I'll be sure to share the progress - and make it a community affair.

"A Razer Toaster - For Razer Toaster Lovers. By Razer Toaster Lovers."

We really don't know what to say. A toaster seems like such a mundane appliance that we often just take for granted. Heck our family doesn't even use a traditional toaster, but instead a convection oven. But hey, some people just love throwing in a couple slices of bread into a toaster, pulling the spring-loaded lever down, and seeing a pair of burnt-to-a-crisp carbon briquettes pop out a minute later.

You can see the 2016 version of the Razer Toaster above, but it remains to be seen if the production version will look similar when it is released a few years down the road. Speaking of which, why the heck would it take years to design a toaster? And secondly, we won't be satisfied unless this thing comes complete with Razer Chroma RGB lighting effects, a glass panel to see inside the device, and overcooking overclocking capabilities baked in.