Razer Introduces Sphex Ultrathin Mousepad

We haven't seen anything new from Razer since the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the company is stepping up big for the gaming crowd with its newest mousepad. Designed for those who hate feeling as if their frag-machine is on a raised surface, the Sphex "gaming grade desktop skin" is reportedly the planet's thinnest gaming surface.

Designed to handle both optical and laser mice and constructed from high-grade durable material, the Razer Sphex allows gamers to wipe or wash the product repeatedly without compromising its quality or tracking performance. Also, it can adhere and detach from any desk surface, and it's obviously perfect for gamers on the go who want to simply slip their mousepad in a folder and take off.

The 320mm by 230mm pad is available to order worldwide for $14.99 (or €14.99 in Europe).