Razer Comms App for Android Lets You Chat with Your Gaming Buddies When You're AFK

As much as we'd all like to sit around and play video games all day long, there are certain external factors that pull us away from the PC from time-to-time. You know, niggling things like work, exercise, weddings, birthday parties, food shopping, graduation ceremonies, Little League games, and the list goes on. For those times when you have to step away from the keyboard but still want to be kept in the loop with your gaming buddies, Razer has a solution.

Razer Comms, now available for Android devices, is the world's first VoIP solution to allow games to make VoIP calls and messages from in-game to Android phones and tablets and vice versa. You probably shouldn't stand up in the middle of a wedding and scream at one of your gaming partners using your Android phone, but if you're stuck in the waiting room while your car's tires are being changed, you can keep tabs on how well the troops are holding the fort via voice or text.

Razer Comms

"Staying connected in today’s world has become increasingly important and gamers are no exception to that," says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder, CEO and creative director. "Razer Comms solves that by being the world’s first VoIP solution to allow gamers to make VoIP calls or instant message with their friends on the road from in-game and vice versa."

Using the app, you can make in-game to Android or Android to in-game phone calls and messages (no alt-tabbing required), as well as reply to text messages or reject calls from your Android phone within the PC client.

Razer Comms is free to download and available now. A version for iOS is scheduled for early 2014.