Razer Comms: An All-In-One VoIP Communications Tool For Gamers

Over the years, Razer has spread its wings and expanded into much more than just mice and keyboards for gamers. This, however, may be one of its most broad initiatives to date. Razer Comms is the new product from the company, launching as an open beta and described as an "all-in-one communications solution for gamers." Applying feedback gleaned from a community-based closed beta program, Razer Comms now combines VoIP client, instant messaging and IRC-chat features, allowing gamers the world over to connect with one service, free of charge. It also features an in-game overlay and seamlessly integrates with PC games, providing for uninterrupted gameplay while at the same time typing or talking with friends.

Razer Comms uses complex audio algorithms and an ultra-fast server infrastructure to deliver precise, crisp and clear communication with no timeouts or lag spikes, and it features advanced noise reduction and echo cancelation. Razer Comms originated as an internal project built on the spare “10 percent passion time” of a couple of engineers. After receiving many fan requests to make it widely available, Razer Comms has now become a fully supported project with a designated team working on it. For more information on Razer’s latest free-to-download software, including how to submit ideas, go to www.razerzone.com/comms.

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