Raspberry Pi's New $70 AI Kit Garnishes Popular SBC With 13 TOPS

raspberry ai kit hero
The Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking to bring AI to the masses with the release of the Raspberry AI Kit, which includes a Raspberry Pi 5 alongside a Hailo-8L AI accelerator module. The Foundation says that with this kit users will be able to “integrate local, high-performance, power-efficient inferencing into a wide variety of applications.”

According to the Foundation, this new AI Kit will be capable of 13 tera-operation per second (TOPS). Users will be able to tap directly into the Raspberry Pi image software subsystem to make use of the inferencing performance available with this kit. This means that first party and third-party cameras are compatible right off the bat. It will also be possible to “run multiple neural networks on a single camera, or single/multiple neural networks with two cameras concurrently.”

The Foundation has put in a lot of effort to ensure the software available to users will be robust and easy to use. It’s providing a “post-processing template for integrating neural network inferencing running real-time in the camera pipeline,” which can be found in the rpicam-apps suite. The Picamera2 framework will be getting similar integration soon, too. The Foundation is able to achieve such tight integration by making use of the pre-installed Hailo Tappas post-processing libraries.

All users need to do is install some packages using the apt command, after which they will be able to see examples of what the AI kit is capable of. Some of the demos the foundation is showing off is of the kit handling object recognition, pose estimation, and subject segmentation. All of which are handy for anyone looking to add extra features to their camera setup.

The Raspberry AI Kit is available now for $70. Do you have any plans to use this kit? Let us know in the comments below!