Raspberry Pi's $25 'Model A' Proves Popular in U.S. Market, Sells Out Fast

If you snooze you lose, and so it goes with the $25 Model A version of the Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized Linux PC that became available to purchase in the U.S. on Easter Sunday. Despite the holiday being a time to relax, plenty of people in the U.S. saw fit to fork over their financial information and order the Model A, which is now sold out.

Texas-based Allied Electronics listed both the Model A and slightly more expensive Model B ($35) yesterday morning, and both are out of stock at the time of this writing.

Raspberry Pi

"Due to limited supply of the Raspberry Pi Model A, we are not offering pre-orders or backorders on the product at this time," Allied Electronics states on the item's product page. "The Raspberry Pi Model A will only be available for purchase when we have inventory on hand to fill the order. We regret this inconvenience and sincerely thank you for your patience."

There's no ETA on when more inventory might be available, and things look only slightly more promising for the Model B, which is on backorder. You're free to order a Model B, just be warned that "delivery times will vary and may exceed 6 weeks."