Raspberry Pi Model A Breaks Cover, Lower Cost, Lower Power

If you’re one to tinker with computers, you probably already know about the Raspberry Pi Model B, which is a tiny, barebones computer that consumes very little power and cost a mere $35. It really is a no-frills system – it doesn’t even have a case – which is what makes the system so appealing to many DIYers: what you do with the little computer is up to you. Now, Raspberry is offering a $25 Model A, which boasts even lower power consumption.

The Raspberry Pi Model A PC

Just because the Raspberry Pi Model A is newer doesn’t mean that it’s better, though. Raspberry designed the two Pis for different uses. Where the Model B is aimed at DIYers and educational settings, the Model A is expected to be used widely in industrial settings. Consequently, Raspberry focused on lower power requirements. The Model A has 256MB of RAM (to the Model B’s 512MB) and the Model A lacks an Ethernet port.

“We’re seeing demand for the Model A from people making industrial control modules, from roboticists, from people doing automation, for a bunch of headless operations – and, significantly, for people who want to use the Pi as a very cheap media centre. The Model A will only cost $25 (plus tax and shipping),” Raspberry says on its website.