Rare Fraps Update Adds Support for Large AVI Movie Files, Changes System Requirements

Beepa's handy-dandy real-time video capture and benchmarking program known as Fraps has just been updated to version 3.5.0. Updates to Fraps are few and far between; the last time the folks at Beepa tweaked their popular utility was six months ago in October 2011.

First and foremost, there are new system requirements to run the latest version of Fraps, but don't fret, they're nothing strenuous. As long as you own a CPU with SSE2 (Pentium 4 and above) and a Windows OS that isn't older than XP, you're good to go (note that Windows 2000 is no longer supported). For those of you rocking an old-school system with Windows 2000 and/or a non-SSE2 processor, you can still download the previous version of Fraps, version 3.4.7.

As for the new version, "Fraps 3.5 adds the much requested feature to allow AVI movie files larger than 4 gigabytes," Beepa announced. "Fraps will now write hybrid OpenDML/AVI files and allow large movies on NTFS drives. There's still an option to split at 4 gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support."

Beepa also addressed a handful of bugs, including:
  • Fixed loop recording using large amounts of disk space for short clips
  • Fixed benchmark logs not being saved if game was quit before benchmark ended
  • Fixed View folder not opening window on some machines

The free version of Fraps allows you to capture up to 30 seconds of in-game video with a watermark and to save non-watermarked screenshots as BMP files. For $37, the paid version removes the 30-second time limit and watermark, and allows you to save screenshots as JPG, PNG, and TGA files. Updates, such as this one. are free.