Raptor WD1500ADFD Review

Anandtech has finally decided to take a look at the new flagship hard drive for enthusiasts from Western Digital. Extending the infamous Raptor family of drives, the new WD1500ADFD offers higher capacity, larger cache, and faster performance than its predecessors. With these kind of features, it's no wonder we were blown away by the latest Raptor drive in our testing. To see what the gang at Anandtech thought, head over and check out the review.

Western Digital has addressed the shortcomings of its previous models with the addition of a 16 MB buffer, NCQ, and native SATA implementation wrapped in two different packages depending upon your tastes and budget. With the upcoming transition from the parallel SCSI Ultra320 interface to the new Serial Attached SCSI interface, the drive stands a very good chance at competing successfully in the entry-level enterprise market.
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