Rape-Based Video Game Pulled From Amazon.com

Amazon.com has halted sales of a Japanese video game that simulated the rape of a mother and her two daughters.

The Rapelay game had been offered, not directly by Amazon.com, but rather through its third-party Amazon Marketplace service. The seller specializes in "hentai" — sexually explicit anime and manga.

The description of the game, obtained before it was removed, is:
Rapelay is an offshoot of the Illusion series, Interact Play. You, like in previous installments, play as a public nuisance that gets away from captivity and starts scouting for new targets. This time around you find a family of a single mother and her two daughters. You quickly begin your hunt and capture each woman one by one. The gameplay involves an amusing training/disposition system with which to break each respective target to your liking. Watch where you blow your load, or you might get them pregnant!
Here's our Amazon.com review: disgusting!

The game was released in 2006 by Illusion Studio, based in Japan. Other titles from the studio include "Battle Raper 1 and 2" and "Sexy Beach."