Ranking The "Mac Metropolis"

If you live in San Francisco, Boston, San Diego, New York and D.C.: You have the greatest chance of being the proud owner or user of an iPod, iPhone or Mac computer in the entire continental United States.

Bluefield/Beckley, W.Va.; Greenwood/Greenville, Miss.; Meridian, Miss.; Presque Island, Maine; Clarksburg/Weston, W.Va.? Not so much.

Experian Simmons, the market research firm that's a subsidiary of the credit reporting group, today released a report that ranked the 206 Designated Market Areas in the Lower 48 states according to the ubiquity of Apple's core products.

Not shockingly, San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose came out on top. Considering Apple is based in the area, in Cupertino, the company should probably dominate. But the level of ownership is intense, nonetheless. Nearly a third of all adults in the region owns or uses one of Apple's big three, about 1.7 million people. They are 49 percent more likely than the national average to use the products.

In the Boston area (which extends to Manchester, N.H.), residents are 45 percent more likely than the national average to use or own one of the three; San Diego, 42 percent; New York, 41 percent (4.9 million!!!) more likely; and Washington, D.C., (to Hagerstown, Md.), 39 percent.

Rounding out the top 10 are Chicago, Denver, Monterey/Salinas (Calif.), Santa Barbara/Santa Marina/San Luis Obispo (Calif.), Las Vegas and Hartford/New Haven, Conn. That adds up to 11, because Santa Barbara, Vegas and Hartford are virtually tied and in each, residents are 29 percent more likely than the national average to own or use an iPod, iPhone or Mac.

It's probably not shocking to see that major metropolitan areas are on the top of the list and relatively rural regions are down at the bottom. The access to the products is greater in the urban areas, though one might argue that with the ubiquity of the Internet, it's easy to buy any products no matter where you live. But in those DMAs at the bottom of the list, residents were less than 50 percent as likely as the national average to own or use any of the products.

So, do you live in a "Mac Metropolis"?
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