Rambus And Broadcom Hug It Out On Patent Licensing

Rambus. Heard of 'em? Sure you have, and now they're making the news again, but it's a positive thing -- don't worry. The company just signed a patent licensing deal with Broadcom, resolving all previous claims related to its technology. The two were previously geared up for a court room showdown, which seems to be the norm in the tech world these days. Licensing has become a mondo issue, but it seems that these two are willing to hug it out (while exchanging some dollars, of course). Rambus said that they will agree to license their patent for "integrated circuits used in chips made by Broadcom."

No financial details were made public, nor were specifics given surrounding the exact patent. You may think it's just small beans, but in fact, the less time a company spends in the courtroom, the better off it generally is for consumers. Less money spent on warring = more money spent on things you actually care about. Or, so we hope.
Tags:  WiFi, RAMBUS, Chip, broadcom