RAM, Power Supplies, Monitor and the HH Horizon

Heya Folks, how goes it?  We're plenty busy around the HH Labs this week and we have a ton in store for you in new hardware showcases.  Looking into the queue here I see we've got a i915 Motherboard Round-up in store, something new in the way of software from ATi, Low Latency Turbo DDR400 RAM, a Socket 939 Mobo Round-up and even a DX9 Class Gaming Analysis for Graphics.  Stick with us, it should be a fun-filled week for sure!

For now, here's the buzz on the scene for those of you in need of a Tech-Geek fix.  ;-)

The Tech Lounge on Mushkin's PC3200 Level II V2 (2-2-2-5) DDR Memory.  You can crank up the bus speed all you want but adding on high latency timings to maintain stability will defeat the purpose.  We like low latency RAM around these parts too.
"Mushkin's Level II memory was originally manufactured using Winbond BH-5 chips which offered timings of 2-2-2 at DDR400. Unfortunately, Winbond decided to change its focus and removed itself from the market. Due to the lack of BH-5 chips, most memory manufacturers had to discontinue their 2-2-2 memory."

SL Central takes a look at the Samsung SyncMaster 213T Monitor.  Samsung makes quality flat panel products for sure but if you are stepping up to the big guns of display, you owe it to yourself to check out Dell's Ultrasharp 2001FP.  One word... schweet.
"Samsung is back once again, and this time they are super-sized. They have sent us their gigantic SyncMaster 213T 21.3" which measures 18.6" wide, 18" high, and 8.7" thick. Please note that the 8.7" thickness includes the base of the monitor, the actual monitor panel is only a little over 1" thick.

Club OC looks at PQI3200-1024DPU Platinum 2-2-2-5 RAM... More of that low latency goodness to compare to that Mushkin love over at the Tech Lounge.

"A new trend is forming, memory companies are starting to back away from ludicrous overclocking speeds, and starting to concentrate on making non overclocking memory that is better and faster. We've taken a looks at some incredible PC3200 in the last couple weeks from companies such as OCZ, Corsair and Crucial..."

The Crucible on the OCZ PowerStream 420W Adjustable ATX PSU.  "Where hardware gets put on trial"... Where's Johnny Cockroach when ya need him?
"There was little to no flex in the rails, and with their adjustability I no longer have to worry about sagging voltages. OCZ has delivered the total package. With great performance, reasonable price and an overall pleasant look the PowerStream has just taken the crown for best power supply! "

Rest assured folks, playing with voltage rails driving sensitive components in your system is not for the novice.  Know what you are doing or you run the risk of crispy fryin' that hot-rod rig of yours.

That's all for now everyone!  Take care and have a great evening!

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