Raidmax Virgo 811, File Management Tips and More!

The Dual-Core War: Is Intel in Trouble? @ CoolTechZone:

"After years of anticipation, dual-core microprocessors are finally a reality. Both Intel and AMD were touting dual-core microprocessors as the inevitable future, and something that would certainly take computing to the next level. At numerous tradeshows and computing conventions, analysts and media predicted the launch date of multi-core CPUs; some said Intel would be the first to bring its chips to the market while others stated the opposite. Whatever the speculations, Intel was indeed the first one to introduce its dual-core chips. In fact, they made a sudden decision to send out preview units to selected media outlets for independent performance testing and evaluation. Then, after hearing that AMD is about to launch its Opteron and dual-core Athlon 64 chips at the same time, Intel rushed once more and moved the official launch date forward to April 19th."

Raidmax Virgo 811 Black Computer Case Review @

"All said, I think this case is amazing for the price. It's got a clean look and great styling. Definitely a contender to consider."

File Management For The Disorganized Packrat @ Systemcooling:

"All they really consist of are magnetic representations of 1's and 0's. They exist only in an ephemeral way, yet more and more people rely on them for their work, relaxation, and entertainment. They're all the same in many ways, but can be as different as night and day. They can't be touched, and they don't have any mass, yet they take up valuable space, and can become cluttered and unwieldy. We're talking about files here. More accurately, computer files. As we become more reliant on computer technology, these bits and pieces of virtual information get more valuable, not to mention more numerous. And just like anything else that tends to pile up, computer files need to be managed and organized in order for them to be accessible and useful."