Rahul Sood's Unikrn Partners With Maingear For ACM Killer Cryptocurrency GPU Mining Rigs

If you're looking to buy a graphics card the days, we feel bad for you – really bad. Prices have skyrocketed due to people buying hordes of GPUs for cryptocurrency mining purposes. That means that gamers, the traditional purchasers of blazing-fast GPUs, now are forced to pay outrageous prices for what in many cases should be relatively affordable products.
maingear acm 1

While crypto miners have for the most part have cobbled together their own rigs, some traditional custom PC builders are offering up their own solutions. One such company is Maingear, which is set to release its own series of mining computers called the Maingear Advanced Crypto Miner (ACM).

Although we don't know much about the Maingear ACM at this point, we can see that one version can accommodate up to six full-length, dual-slot GPUs. There is also the Maingear ACM Pro -- designed for professional installations -- which will support even more GPUs and is rack-mountable. Both versions feature automotive-quality paint finishes and MARC II full coverage artwork.

maingear acm 2

The Maingear ACM series will be co-branded with Unikrn, which is an eSports gaming startup co-founded by Rahul Sood (of Voodoo PC fame), and that has received financial backing from Mark Cuban and Ashton Kutcher. Unikrn allows people to make wagers on popular eSports games like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive.


Unikrn also backs Unikoin Gold (UKG), which is a decentralized token used for betting on eSports, purchasing in-game items, and can even be earned by playing games. Sood explains that the Maingear ACM rigs "aren’t just crazy looking, they will outperform any other miner on the market — It mines Ethereum and every other minable coin. There will be an app that will allow users to acquire UKG as well, with details forthcoming. All of this will generate more users for Unikrn."

Maingear is also accepting UKG as a form of payment for the ACM and ACM Pro, which will be available later this year.