Rahul Sood Asks, "Can They Do No Wrong?"

VoodooPC CEO, Rahul Sood, has an editorial posted on his blog with his thoughts on NVIDIA and ATI and how their respective platforms are utilized on VoodooPC's high-end PC.  He also speculates on what the upcoming Intel Conroe launch could mean to NVIDIA's and ATI's chipset business.

"First of all, what people need to understand about the GPU business is historically a major slaughtering of the competition only occurs when the other falls flat on their face. So if the green team falls flat, the red team skates by, and visa versa. As an example, let's look back a few years ago when Nvidia lost two product cycles. Back then Nvidia failed simply because they fell flat on their face with the much delayed much disappointing launch of the GeForce FX 5800 - while ATi skated by with their outstanding Radeon 9700. Prior to the beating, Nvidia was focusing many of their important engineering resources on the original XBOX and perhaps it was because of this that they missed out the win on the high end space. In this business if you lose on the high end you will ultimately lose on the mainstream."


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