Rage 2 Delivers A Carnival Of Carnage And Is Free If You Know Where To Look

Rage 2
If you ended up skipping Rage 2 when it released last year, now is your chance to add it to your game library at no cost, rather than fork over $59.99 for the title. That's because it is free in the Epic Games Store right now. It is one of two free games up for grabs, and is available at no cost until 11:00am on Thursday, February 25.

Say what you will about the Epic Games Store and whether or not exclusives are a good thing. Whatever your feeling, the constant influx of free games is a big draw. Some are bigger draws than others, naturally. Rage 2, for example, is perhaps not the smash hit developers id Software and Avalanche Studios (or publisher Bethesda) hoped it would be. However, it's hard to pass up a $59.99 game when it's free.

Rage 2 has not been a bust, either. The PC release sits with a 73 score on Metacritic (based on 55 critic reviews).

"An asteroid has annihilated 80 percent of the earth’s population, and humanity’s numbers are dwindling. Ruthless and bloodthirsty gangs roam the open roads and the tyrannical Authority seek to rule with an iron fist. As Walker, the last Ranger of the wasteland and a threat to their power, you have been robbed of your home and left for dead. Now you’ll have to rage for justice and freedom," the game's description reads.

It's an open world game with some crazy combat, vehicles (you can drive any vehicle in the game world), and weapons. The landscape is big and varied, too, with jungles, swamps, and deserts to explore, and a post-apocalyptic setting.

Grab Rage 2 for free at the Epic Games Store. While you are there, you can also snag Absolute Drift: Zen Edition for free (save $11.99) for a totally different type of gaming experience.