Radio Shack Starts iPad 2 Sales Today

If you've been looking for iPad 2, you've probably come up empty thus far. Both Apple and Best Buy stores have been running low on stock, but a newcomer is starting to sell the newest Apple slate starting today. Radio Shack is throwing their hat into the ring, with 500 Radio Shack locations to stock the tablet. At least, for a little while. "While supplies last," so to speak.

The company will be charging the same price that Target, Walmart, and Apple all charge. It's hard to say if the AT&T or Verizon 3G models will be included in sales, but if you're hoping to grab one, calling right about now would probably be a smart move. We're guessing that stock won't last too long, and you can bet you'll be pressured to buy a load of accessories while you're in there. Hey, profit margins are slim!