Radical Heights '80s Themed Battle Royale Shooter Now Available Via Steam Early Access

Battle royale shooters are extremely popular right now with PUBG and Fortnite leading the charge. With the booming popularity of this type of game, it will come as no surprise that a new game is stepping into the arena looking to make a name for itself. The game is called Radical Heights and it is from Boss Key Productions. The game is clearly trying to cash in on the nostalgia that is so popular right now for all things 1980s.

radical heights bike

Any child of the '80s will remember the music, video game arcades, and the awesome movies; and this game has a very '80s look to it. You can ride BMX bikes around the map pulling tricks and channeling your inner Rad. Radical Heights puts players inside a dome with a game show theme that reminds more than a little of Smash TV from the arcade and the Arnold Schwarzenegger flick Running Man.

Players run around shooting up the environment to find loot like gadgets, cosmetics, weapons and cash. Cash can be spent at vending machines that spit out weapons to use for fragging other players. If you take out an opponent, you can grab their loot and add it to your own stash. Fortnite recently launched vending machines for weapons as well.

radical heights gunz

Radical Heights is an early access game that the developer says is "X-TREME Early Access" meaning that issues will certainly be found by players. Boss Key Productions notes that the game will be in early access for about a year. The game is said to be a work in progress, but the core gameplay experience is complete. Players will encounter placeholder objects in the game including models, audio, animation, and entire buildings. The game will be free-to-play always but will have in-game purchases. PUBG is one of the original battle royale shooters that started the craze, it recently added a new Savage map for players to enjoy.