Radeon Software Crimson ReLive 17.7.2 Brings Enhanced Sync To Uncap VSync FPS And GPU Profiler For DX12, Vulkan

amd enhanced sync
If you own an AMD Radeon graphics card, we’ve got some good news to hand down to you to today. AMD has announced the arrival of Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2, which brings with it a number of new features that will help make your gaming experience even more immersive.

One of the headlining features is the arrival of Enhanced Sync, which enables VSync (reducing tearing artifacts) while at the same time providing an unlocked frame rate. In addition, latency than can oftentimes be introduced with technologies like VSync are reduced. When the frame rate for a given game drops below your monitor’s refresh rate, Enhanced Sync can disable VSync, reducing the appearance of fun-sapping stuttering effects.

When testing with the popular gaming title Overwatch, AMD says that it witnessed 34 percent lower latency and a 92 percent lower frame variance with Enhance Sync enabled. Enhanced Sync can be used in conjunction with existing technologies like FreeSync.

Moving on, Radeon Chill has been given a thorough makeover, multi-GPU and hybrid GPU solutions along with Radeon XConnect-capable (external graphics) systems. AMD says that Radeon Chill is now supported on over 40 games, and is compatible with DX9, DX12 and Vulkan. For those wondering about the efficiency improvements that Radeon Chill can provide, AMD engineers witnessed a 30 percent battery life improvement with the feature enabled on League of Legends.

amd gpu profiles
AMD Radeon GPU Profiler

AMD hasn’t forgotten about game designers, which is why it is introducing the Radeon GPU Profiler. The GPU profiler is a visualization tool that provides low-level access to hardware thread tracing to better support APIs like DX12 and Vulkan. The company explains, “PC game developers now have unprecedented, console-like in-depth access to a GPU and can easily analyze Async Compute usage, event timing, pipeline stalls, bottlenecks and other performance inefficiencies.”

In addition, Radeon WattMan has been upgraded to support power state controls and memory underclocking. The AMD LiquidVR 360 SDK has also been included, providing end-to-end GPU-accelerated HEVC 4K-by-4K VR video playback and Immersive Ambisonic Audio support. We should also mention that ReLive has been upgraded to support 100Mbps video streaming (up from 50Mbps).

Finally, AMD has announced the Radeon Software Vanguard Beta Tester program. Chosen participants will have the chance to install pre-release software and test exciting new features before they roll out into the release channel. Testers — which can be either regular gamers of professional developers — will also be able to give direct feedback to AMD.

AMD Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2 is available to download right now. You can find it here